MICRO Technologies charges the following to design and build your website:
(These will be one-time costs and you have the flexibility to build your pages as your budget allows)
Included in the price:

MICRO Technologies will also build your "Mobile-Friendly" Website to help drive up your Google S.E.O. ranking and search results.

MICRO Technologies will build your Google Places account and create a map location for your customers to find you on the internet.

MICRO Technologies will also embed Meta data behind each of your web pages to aid the www indexing crawlers to push your listing up in their ranking schema. Commonly referred to as S.E.O. (search engine optimization) and track results using Google Analytics.

MICRO Technologies will also create your Favicon logo that will appear in the page tab of your browser and in your browsers favorites menu when your website is saved as a favorite location. We will also title each page with your company name to display in the browsers page title tab.

To purchase the needed product to build your website for 1 year:
(This will be an annual reoccurring cost of around $200.00.)

This annual reoccurring cost buys you the following:

Your company’s World Wide Web Domain Name. (http://www.yourcompany.com)
Commonly referred to as your .com, .net, .org.

Microsoft Office365 or IMAP Protocol Email Service • Cloud Based Email Storage with Mobile access for smartphones like iPhone® (IOS), Blackberry®, Microsoft Windows Phones and Google Android® Operating System Phones.

Build Unlimited Website Pages with Fast Hosting Service for your Website on the Internet. Chose our Personal (1GB), Business (10GB) and Business Plus (50GB) Website Plans.

Website Building Costs
Want MICRO Technologies to build your website?

Here are the typical costs you can expect to pay.

MICRO Technologies uses the programming language of

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to build websites.

What do I get for my money in the flat rate service?
Before we even get started working on your system, we take it outside, open it up, and expend an entire 12oz can of Dust Off compressed air, cleaning all the dust bunnies out of your computer’s internal components. These dust bunnies are notorious for causing integrated circuits and CPU’s to overheat, thus hampering your systems ability to keep cool. Cooling fans not working as designed and dust bunnies acting like blankets on top of your circuits can cause your system to hang or blue screen when it overheats. A good cleaning inside solves this potential problem and helps the system to run at its optimal performance.

It is very typical for us to spend 20-30 hours tuning your system. We remove between 20,000-30,000 unnecessary files by combing through your directory structures one at a time, by hand. We will also remove unneeded resource taxing programs that crunch your systems performance. Often, Trojan programs piggy back on software updates and start competing for system resources. In time, your system is out of resources and can no longer perform as designed. We fix that.

We will download all missing and required system software updates and patches for all programs installed on your system. We will also download and install newer drivers for all installed hardware devices in your computer.

This intense system once over will have your computer running better than you've ever experienced. If your system is old and needs a recommended hardware memory upgrade of RAM, MICRO Technologies will guide you through the purchase process and perform this installation as part of the flat rate.

As a final touch, we like to install new virus protection software (Microsoft Defender), new photo editing software (Google’s Picasa), an additional browser (Google Chrome), Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Remote Control Software (TeamViewer), Video Playback Software (VLC Media Player), new satellite world exploring software (Google Earth) and finally, Apple’s iTunes. Again, all part of the flat rate service. Best of all, these programs are the best of the best and their all free.

And if that wasn’t enough, if you supply MICRO Technologies with a valid Microsoft Corporation operating system (OS) product key and/or a valid Microsoft Corporation Office product key, MICRO Technologies will upgrade your operating system and your office suite as part of our service. Why not think about upgrading to Windows 10 (32bit or 64bit) OS or upgrading to Microsoft Office365? We’ll do all of the work of installing and downloading all required updates and patches for your new software.

If you’re upgrading from a completely compromised system, don’t worry. MICRO Technologies will remove all of your personal data; then completely wipe out your hard drive by deleting all known drive partitions and then running a low level format before installing your new copy of Windows 10. This will insure a smooth installation and end user experience. We will put all of your data back onto the hard drive in its appropriate system directory. We will make sure to find online and install your older drivers, if possible, to continue to run your older and possibly un-supported hardware at its optimal performance level.

If you're upgrading from Microsoft Windows 7 to Windows 10, then MICRO Technologies will help you understand what it means to migrate into a cloud based infrastructure while exploring the advantages of an operating system designed for touch screen monitors.

Get your money's worth out of your computer system. Yes you can stretch a few more years out of your hardware with these outlined steps.

Let MICRO Technologies take care of the headaches for you.

​​​Our "flat rate" computer / laptop service:
$150.00 per Computer or Laptop
If no data needs to be saved off and recovered back onto system.


$200.00 per Computer or Laptop
If we have to extract user data off of the system and restore it back.

This flat rate requires systems to be dropped off at MICRO Technologies

and ​picked up at MICRO Technologies when finished.

(Typical turn around time is 4-7 days)

Term Contract Hourly rate:
MICRO Technologies contracted rate is:

$150.00 per hour.

(Out of State Projects / Three months or longer)


Local Onsite service call rate:
On site service call is $150.00 for the first hour
 then $75.00 every hour thereafter.
These rates are subject to change)

Here you will find our current rates that we charge for our services.  From our corporate contracted rate to our on-site and remote support hourly rates and the flat rates we charge to fix your computer.

MICRO Technologies can procure all needed URL links, copyright free images and copyright free videos at $25.00 for each item. Slide shows, audio players and photo carousels can be embedded at $25.00 for each item.

The length of a webpage is defined as whatever you can capture in a single screen shot on a 22" diagonal LCD panel 1080p monitor set at 1920x1080 resolution with a frame aspect ratio of 16:9 (1.77.1) in widescreen mode.

The Costs to Build Your Website:
Home Page Design/Creation:$200.00
This will include all the work to layout the core look and feel of your website.

Photo Gallery Page (optional):$200.00
This includes the editing of numerous photos for your gallery.

  • ​​Custom Graphic Creations of any kind are not included in the page price.

  • ​URL Links, copyright fee images and videos are not included in the page price.

  • Custom embedded video player content is not included in the page price.

  • Embedded photo carousels are not included in the page price.

  • Custom audio embedded objects are not included in the page price.

  • Shopping Carts and Online Stores are not included in the page price.

  • Shopping Carts and Online Stores are sold as separate SSL Secured websites.

The Fine Print:

The customer is expected to supply MICRO Technologies with all website content.
i.e. Copy Text, Post Edited High Resolution Images, Post Edited Videos, Post Edited Audio files, URL Links, Custom Logos and Company Branding Images for use to build website pages.

Customer can contract MICRO Technologies to do all custom services at our standard hourly rate which will be above and beyond the standard page rate.

All other pages are at a cost of $100.00 per page.

i.e. Contact Us • About Us • Our History • Our Story • Our Rates • Our Products • Our Services et.al.

​Need a shopping cart? Ask about the costs associated with building an online store!

Want a shopping cart / Online Store?

Call to ask about the costs involved to build a shopping cart.