Hi Paul,
Nick doesn’t think he needs to be “talked/walked through” anything. So far he’s happy with everything (and when Nick’s happy, we’re all happy). Nick doesn’t seem to have any complaints. Thanks.

Sonia Mendez
Accounting Manager
Grand Meadows Nutritional Products, Inc.


Really happy right now, my computer is actually working!!!  Thank you so much for fixing my computer. 

It is working so well, it’s like I have a new computer. Loving it!

Mrs. Clara Dehmer, Principal
Mountain View Elementary School
Claremont Unified School District


Just a little note of thanks for fixing our computer system. You will never know how much peace you have brought to the family.

God Bless and we will get together soon!

The Dixon Family
Placentia, CA

Your services are much appreciated and highly effective. It's like we have our life back. This thing was a wasteland for so long. 
Thanks again.

Mr. Chris Henderson
Fullerton, CA

Matt Giorgi
Manager, Sales & Marketing
England Logistics LTL

A wholly owned subsidiary of C.R. England

Dear Paul,

Thank you for the excellent job restoring my computer and for taking the time to tutor me on all of the upgrades. Thanks to your efforts my computer was up and running quickly and is operating at a much more efficient level. In addition your instructions regarding the software upgrades were complete and easy to understand, and I appreciate the amount of time you took to properly educate me on all of the changes.

Be assured that I will highly recommend you and your services to all of my family members, friends and work associates.

Please feel free to use me as a reference. 


Mr. Nick Hartog
Grand Meadows Nutritional Supplements, Inc.


Hi Paul,

Santa has brought you a late present. A box of Cohibe Behike BHK 52. They are here at the office.

I feel like you have saved us a lot of money over the last few months and I have been very impressed with your willingness to help us whenever the need arises  so consider this a gesture of thanks.

Mr. Scott R. Olsen
Capacity Planning and Trends Manager
AT&T Global Services


Just a quick email to commend Paul for assisting us in a San Diego, County-Wide problem yesterday using NetScout's Performance Manager enterprise-wide network monitoring tool. I called Paul to take him up on his offer to support me with some added training when, I was pulled into this problem we were having with Latency, Slowness, etc. and it appeared not to be the Network.
Paul WebEx'ed in and worked with myself and Paul Linder from Northrop Grumman Information Technology Solutions, Infrastructure Services,  for hours and assisted us in isolating the problem. Paul hung in there and despite the many hours of discussion, really demonstrated the true value of this great tool. We had an army of people on the phone bridge from Plano, Texas to San Diego, CA.
Please extend our great thanks to Paul for his valued assistance. It was great timing to have Paul available to us.

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I only have one comment; you didn’t charge us enough money for all of the work you performed. So, along with your check I’m enclosing a $50.00 Starbucks gift card to show my appreciation. Thanks again for all of your hard work.

Mr. Mark Hershey
Star Landscape & Maintenance
Fullerton, CA

Mr. Dino LaCapria, C.P.
Orange Coast Prosthetics, Inc.


Thanks so much for your help on my Netbook!  I really appreciate it.  I'll definitely be more careful.

Ms. Lynnette Woo
Brea, CA

Hi Paul,
Would you like me to send you a check for the work you have completed thus far?  I know you said you may be delayed in getting an invoice out.  I just want to make sure you're paid in a timely fashion for the superb work you've done for me.

Don't want to lose contact with you! Thanks, Paul. 

Linda Jones
Mary & Friends, Inc.


Thanks for fixing my toy!  I’ll be in the OC this coming weekend.  Do you want me to mail you a check or drop it off next weekend? 

If I’m reading the invoice correctly, $150?  Is that all?

Mr. David Palacios
Phase 2 Transportation
Moreno Valley, CA

Thanks for fixing all of our computers here in the office. I never realized how much of my life was being wasted waiting on our slow computers.

I can’t believe how fast they are now. We should have done this much sooner.

Mrs. Amber Roberts
Star Landscape and Maintenance
Fullerton, CA

Hey Everything looks great.  Everything is awesome. 

I really appreciate all your hard work and look forward to paying you for any changes in the future.